Application client state

This function block shows the status of the IoT client. A high signal at the input “bReset” resets some values.


Name I/O Type(s) Function
Connect O BIT Shows if client is connected
ConnLos O INT64 Number of connection losses
ConnRet O INT64 Number of connection attempts
ENew O BIT Error detected (only for one cycle time)
EStr O DYNTEXT Possible error message
ETotal O INT64 Number of occurred errors
BPubs O INT64 Number of events kept in the memory
BuffOvr O BIT Shows if the memory overruns
SPubs O INT64 Number of events kept on the data carrier
DPubs O INT64 Fully processed events
EPubs O INT64 Number of errors occurred while publishing
SubsReg O INT64 Number of registered command types
SubsDone O INT64 Number of received error-free command types
ESubs I INT64 Number of received commands not processed yet by function blocks
bReset I BIT