Matrix - Transpose

This function block transforms an m*n matrix at MX1 into an n*m matrix by changing all rows into columns and vice versa.

The transposed matrix will either be written to the input MX2 or a new matrix will be created at output MY.

No designated output matrix (default):

The result will be written back to the additional in-/output matrix MX2. No new matrix will be created. The output MY will not be available. The provided matrix MX2 has to be large enough to hold the transposed matrix of MX1. If this is not the case the download will be aborted with an error message.

With designated output matrix:

A new matrix will be created on MY. The dimension of this matrix will be determined automatically out of the input matrix MX1. The input MX2 is not available.



The parameter dialog can be used to select the way how to provide the transposed matrix.


Name I/O Type(s) Function
MX1 I Data type independent Input matrix
MX2 I/O Data type independent In-/output matrix
MY O Data type independent Output matrix


If the input signals are connected incorrectly, the symbol will be depicted red in run mode.


An input matrix connected to MX1 is not allowed to be connected at MX2 as the result matrix!

The data type can be assigned by connecting an input signal.