This function block is used to manually enter a bit value and can serve as a switch or a push button.

The value is set in view and in online mode by clicking on the block. A mouse click on a switch changes its state from LO to HI or vice versa. A button provides the HI-signal as long as the mouse button is pressed. After releasing it, the block outputs LO.


The parameter dialog offers two views for settings. You can switch between them with the help of the tabs.

Basic parameters are configured in the first view. These are the operation mode as switch or as push button, the optional label and the start value (for switches only).

The appearance is adjusted in the second view. The size of the function block, the background colors for the different states as well the label along with its text color, orientation, size and font can be set here.


Name I/O Type(s) Function
OUT O BIT State of the switch or the button


This function block provides only a parameter value. It has no target system function.