Import parameters from Excel

Tutorial video (English subtitles)

If you want to use parameters from an excel sheet in iCon-L you have to follow this instruction.

The parameters can only be saved and loaded in editing and run mode, not in online mode.

Inputs and outputs

Assign global parameters to your macro

When storing parameters, the macro has to be saved above the parameters, otherwise the parameters will not be saved.

 Right-click on the input of the macro block and select "Assign Global Parameter".

Create Parameters

You can directly edit the parameters in the program or you can save the attributes and edit them in Excel.

To edit the parameters, add vectors and values in the dialog.

Save Parameters

In Excel

When you open the saved „CSV“ file in excel you can implement your data in the saved worksheet.

Load Parameter

After you combined your data and stored the file you can load the „CSV“ file into iCon-L. Make sure to select the correct macro to load the data for.


As the result, you see the data from your excel sheet in iCon-L.

Combine Vectors to a Matrix

If you want to have a matrix output instead of a vector output, you must combine the input parameters into a matrix.