In edit and online mode, the standard toolbar is available. When calling design mode (for macro and program blocks), the design toolbar will be positioned below the standard toolbar.

Standard toolbar

The availability of the toolbar commands in the different system states is indicated by using the following acronyms in the "Available in" column:

E ... Edit

R ... Run mode

O ... Online Observation

Icon available in Command
E, I Create a new project
E, I Open project
E, I Save project
E, I Print project
E, I Edit configuration
E, I Edit program block
E, I Edit macro block
E, I Design structure block
E, I Run
E, I, O Zoom
E, I Load library
E, I Remove library
E Undo
E Working on drawing
E Replace blocks
E Delete blocks
E Block sequence
E Copy
E Cut
E Paste
E Delete
I Logon to target system
I Download
O Online/Offline
O Upwards

Design toolbar

Icon Command
Define as design template
Reset to design template
Button style
Background color for symbol
Text color for symbol
Frame color for symbol
Name top left, outside
Name top right, outside
Name top left
Name top right
Name in center
Name bottom left
Name bottom right
Name bottom left, outside
Name bottom right, outside
Bitmap for structure block symbol
Background picture for structure block
Connector labels inside or outside
Visualization flag
Show connecting lines
Show blocks
Access limitations