Customize Block Diagramm Editor


Most configuration settings are project specific, but they can also be stored as global setting. The programming system selects the configuration file according to the following pattern.

First, the project directory is searched for a configuration file. If no according file can be found, the programming system searches in the BIN directory and after that in the specific language directory. If the programming system also cannot find an entry, it goes back to the BIN directory and searches for the according configuration file. Some configuration files can also be found in other directories, as f. e. the COMM directory or the DEVICE directory. Special configurations for the block can also be recorded in the LIB directory.

Configuration files

icon.ini in the BIN directory is the central configuration file for many settings. Single settings in this file can be made language specific or project specific using other configuration files.

Configuration file Content Directory Global equivalent Global directory Features
<project name>.IWS Contains almost all settings Project directory icon.ini BIN directory Does not exist in the language directory
icon.cfg Default directories BIN\language directory icon.ini BIN directory  

Macro design

Basic settings for the macro design are made in the <project name>.IWS or in the icon.ini.


Font and text size of the description text

sblockfont 10,0,Arial Font size,?,Font

Font and text size of ther I/O labels

iolabelfont 10,0,Arial Font size,?,Font

Minimum space between the I/Os

minsblockiospace 5 Space between the I/Os in pixels