IoT Service

The function blocks included in this library are used as part of the “Internet of Things”. For that reason, a corresponding communication partner has to exist. In this case it is the IBM IoTF. A secured connection (SSL/TLS) to the IBM IoTF is built by the client. The necessary parameters are defined in the device configuration.

MQTT is used as protocol. The objects are communicated as secured json strings.

If events cannot be published (interrupted connection), they are buffered. That is accomplished by following two steps:

  • If the connection is re-established during the defined “keepAlive” cycle, the events which were kept in the memory, are published as quickly as possible.
  • If the connection is interrupted longer than with the defined period of the “keepAlive” cycle, the events are buffered in a database. If the connection is established again, the content of the database is published as quickly as possible.

Publish events

Function block Publish events

Subscribe commands

Function block Subscribe commands

Status IoTF Client

Function block Status IoTF Client