Subscribe commands

This function block allows the configuration of up to 10 commands and/or their parameters. The commands are clustered by the command type. The data type of the corresponding command or its parameter is defined in the parameter dialog. If the data type changes at one pin (by configuration), an already connected value is droppedif it is incompatible.

Defined command types are registered. If a command is received by the corresponding type, the content of the function block’s output is provided. For that matter, the parameter designation is compared to the designations, which have already been received. If they match, the values are converted and provided at the outputs.

Between two calls of one function block, various commands of the same type can be received. Only the information received last is provided. At the output “NewCmd”, the number of received commands is issued for one cycle (values > 0 are showing, that a new command has been received).


The commands can be configured over the parameter dialog (upcoming dialog when implementing the function block or over context menu).

When entering the event type, the following characters are allowed:

  • ·      A-Z (no umlauts)
  • ·      a-z (no umlauts)
  • ·      0-9
  • ·      -_.

When entering the name of the event, space is allowed.

For both inputs, a maximum of 36 characters is allowed.


Name I/O Type(s) Function
NewCmd I UCHAR Number of meanwhile received commands
Data1 bis Data 10 I Different data types Command or parameter