Programming system PACstudio

Please note:

The PACstudio version 6200R1__002 Setup is a second beta version. This version is running until Nov 1, 2016. It cannot be started after that date. We will provide the latest version before that date here.

After Nov 1, 2016: To be able to keep using this version, download the latest EXPIRE.DLL from this page and copy the file into the BIN directory of PACstudio.

Please also note, that we cannot guarantee that user applications, which were created with a beta version, can be used in the actual release version. However, we are attempting a maximum compatibility and we will give support if changes have to be made in your application.

Installation&First steps

Have an easy start with the graphical programming software. Have a look at the video tutorial or follow the written documentation. You will be ready to start-off in only a few minutes.