PCR-STA31 - IoT Gateway

The PACcubes module PCR-STA31 is the standard PACcubes Station for a switch cabinet housing solution of the PACcubes series. On the one hand, this module is used as central head-end station for higher management of the automation solution. On the other hand the module serves as gateway for the internet based monitoring and remote maintenance of the automation system.

  1. Central automation management
  2. Central operating data acquisition
  3. VPN available for remote mainenance (progrmaming, system administration, firmware updates, …)
  4. MQTT gateway for the IBM IoT foundation

Download terminal diagram

PCR-STA31-Klemmenplan.png (160.5 KiB)

Download Data sheet

Technical data

Processor ARM Cortex-A7 core 1.2 GHz
Internal flash eMMC 4 GByte
SD card yes
Operating system Linux 4.x Debian 8
Interfaces 1 * RJ45 Ethernet 1 GBit/s
2 * USB (intern 8)
System bus (in-rail) 1 * CAN 2.0B
Controller software
Programming software
Power supply 6+30V over in-rail bus
Max. dissipation power < 8W
digital Input 4 * DI
digital Output 3 * DO 24V 1A