Monitoring system for heat grids

The PACcubes module PCA-STA31-HN1 is a special PACcubes station for internet-based monitoring of distributed heat grids. With this system, district heat grids as well as grids with a local heat source can be controlled. PCA-STA31-HN1 will be distributed with a solid aluminum housing.

The PCA-STA31-HN1 was developed from a customer-specific development project. For the development, the following requirements were in central focus.

  1. Parallel recording of data in a local memory and a central data cloud,
  2. Individualization of the task through graphical programming (intelligent controlling, messaging and data recording),
  3. Simple protection from unnoticed manipulation (sealing of the station),
  4. Quick and simple installation by staff without a special professional training (prepared installation kit),
  5. Automatic registration of the station in the data cloud without on-site configuration,
  6. Automatic default configuration of the available station data in the central data portal,
  7. Availability of VPN for remote maintenance and transferring the data over unsecured protocols.