How do I find the function block belonging to the graphic object in the HMI designer?

Situation: You found a graphic object (text, LED, trend …) or mask in the HMI designer and want to know which function block this object is connected to.

In the following example, the user would like to know which function block the text object for temperature output is connected to.

1. Change to the block diagram editor and select the Browser over the toolbar or menu.


2. Select the tab Masks and Objects in the dialog Browser Filter and then Masks and Objects for the type as well. Subsequently, click on the button with the 3 dots next to Mask (red circle).

3. After that, select the graphic object in the designer, for which you are searching the block connection and select the object. The object should be marked then. Click on OK.

4. The search boxes are now filled with the according content. For an exact search for the object, click on exact match.

5. After clicking on OK the search results will appear in a dialog.

6. By double clicking on the object in the list, you will be lead to the block editor.